Feedbag: Wii Jog in Tokyo, Apple Extreme and The Wire Bible

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  • All the enjoyment of running outside in Tokyo without any of the hassle of actually going outside in Tokyo. Win-win?

  • Aside from the hideous use of the word "extreme" as it applies to sports like snowboarding, skateboarding, mountain biking and whatever else has been subjected to live under that putrid moniker's umbrella for any stretch of time (and breeeath), it looks like Apple may find a way to add a Nike+ type situation to these sports. Stay tuned, this could get interesting.

  • Someone had the genius (and time) to post the original scripts from HBO's now-classic series The Wire, including notes from creator David Simon's original pitch to HBO. Warning: Wire fanatics should probably get a drool cloth before they look at this. (Thanks, kottke.org)
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