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PS2 "Mountain"
The International Advertising Festival comes to an end tomorrow and so far we're taking a bath when it comes to predicting the results. (AdCritic subscribers can read this year's predictions here). Here's how it stands. We predicted that the Adidas billboard "Vertical Football" would be a lock for the Outdoor Grand Prix, which it did not win, although it did win two Outdoor Gold Lions and a Media Lion. Meanwhile, our pick for Press Grand Prix -- a trio of ads for Harvey Nichols from DDB/London -- only won a Silver Lion, while DDB/London's VW ad "Cops" snagged the top prize. (At least we had the right agency.)

Where we were either right or wrong, depending on how you look at it, was with our predictions regarding MINI's "Men of Metal" and Sega/ESPN's "Beta 7" viral efforts. Both made it onto the Media shortlist, but other than that they have won nothing. Nada. As we wrote when we originally considered the fate of these campaigns: "One or both of them should win Gold Lions -- or perhaps the new Titanium Lion -- and if they don't, it will only demonstrate how ill-equipped shows are for handling truly innovative work." The Adventures of Seinfeld and Superman wins a Cyber Lion and these campaigns don't? How 2001.

Fortunately, we're still alive in Film. All seven of the campaigns we picked for Lions have advanced to the shortlist, including work for FedEx, the American Legacy Foundation, Apple, MTV, Value City and PlayStation 2 commercials from the U.S. and the U.K. If PS2's "Mountain" from TBWA/London lands the Grand Prix, as we predict, we'll consider ourselves redeemed. Keep an eye out tomorrow for a special Creativity E-mail in which we'll announce the Film winners. -Jim Hanas

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