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Fluid's Newest: Stephane Pereira
Fluid's Newest: Stephane Pereira
New York's Fluid announced major additions to its roster, including adding lead editor Stephane Pereira (who has worked extensively with director Antoine Bardou-Jacquet) and the formation of FLO2, a partnership with former Amber composers Graham Waugh and Raoul Brand of o2 Music in London.

Pereira joins Fluid after stints freelancing commercials and music videos as well as editing France's box-office smash Asterix & Obelix: Mission Cleopatra. His strongest collaboration, though is with Bardou-Jacquet. Pereira consulted with Bardou-Jacquet throughout the development of Peugeot' "End of Game" machinima romper as well as Orange's "Open" and "Kids Drawing." "I get involved in all the stages of fabrication of the 3D elements," says Pereira about "End of Game." "I'm really involved in those processes, even when the film is very much 3D." Pereira grew up in California and has always wanted to move back, but now, with the chance to work with top directors the lure was too strong to resist. "For me, it's an obvious decision. I'm on the top of my game in Paris, now things are happening here that I want to be close to."

FLO2 is proof more comes from Cannes than hangovers and thick expense accounts, as it was on the Riviera Fluid heads David Shapiro and Mark Schwartz realized they had enough in common with Waugh and Brand to pursue a partnership. "I think if you hit it off personally the logistics are not difficult," says Schwartz of Waugh and Brand, who spent 11 years with Amber. "That's pretty much how it happened. The talent was obviously there, and it made sense." Adds Shapiro: "I'd always felt personally that I wanted a European view of things. They do sound design and techno stuff, which is very different and complements what we do here." Both executive producers were quick to pooh-pooh virtual music companies. "We prefer having a staff, permanent relationships," says Shapiro.
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