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Vodafone - 'Work and Play'
Vodafone - 'Work and Play'
High in the mountains of Scotland, two mighty beasts do battle. Work, a desk, and play, a foosball table, charge each other, butt ends repeatedly, tumbling off a cliff before coming to terms with their differences and galloping off into the sunset thanks to Vodafone's mobile office solutions. Working with BBH/London, Blink's Dougal Wilson directed the spot, aspiring to shoot as much of the CGI-heavy, richly-detailed spot in-camera as possible, leaving the rest to VFX specialists MPC. While the team took several helicopter shots on location at Cairn Gorm in the Scottish Highlands, much of the action took place at a studio made to resemble the icy, rock-strewn landscape. The desk and table starred as several different rigs, in various positions and propelled by different mechanisms across the studio. With the exception of a few shots, the legs were added in post production—tinkling cup and saucer or spinning handles as well, most likely.

"The really simple ones were a wheelbarrow where the table had kind of a rod sticking out of the back with two wheels on it, and a guy would run along with it and just smash it into the other thing," Wilson says. "Then it went up to a cable car running across the studio, and we slid them along to smash into each other, for longer running things. And then we got quad bikes and attached them to the front." The special effects team created a joystick apparatus enabling the bike riders to manipulate the tables, the team rehearsing the movements in the parking lot before entering the studio. Only five of the shots are entirely 3-D; some are totally real. "The philosophy was if I just swap around the techniques," Wilson says. "If I have a real shot, followed by a CG shot, followed by a half-and-half shot, you won't really know exactly, it'll be harder to suss it out."
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