The Funniest, Most Tear-Jerking Viral Ads of the Year, According to Ad Age Readers

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Ad Age readers, given their first chance to vote on Viral Video Awards this year, have picked winners to receive prizes in two categories next month at Ad Age's Digital Conference in April.

For the biggest tear-jerker ad of the year, it really wasn't a contest at all. Expedia's moving tale of a father traveling to his lesbian daughter's wedding, "Find Your Understanding," ran away with 56% of the vote.

The margin was even greater in comments. "So touching, so genuine and actually doing something important. Such a sweet ad," wrote Emily Shirley from Barcelona.

You get a sense that the ad, created by 180LA in Los Angeles, did a lot more than tell Expedia's brand story to the outside world, it made Expedia employees feel valued.

"I work for Expedia and am proud to be employed by a company that doesn't just support LGBT employees, but treats them like human beings and not just another number," wrote in Blake Awakuni.

As for funniest ad, the vote was much, much closer, with Liquid-Plumr's "Double Impact" winning 33% of the vote, and edging out Le Trefle's hilarious "Paper Is Necessary" by a mere seven votes. The French toilet paper company got kudos for telling its story in just 30 seconds and in very few words: "Emmah!"

But the double entendre of Double-Impact ("I'm here to snake your drain"), created by DDB San Francisco, was judged funnier, by you, even funnier than a very good Pepsi Max campaign: "Double-Impact" made me shoot Pepsi Max out of my nose," wrote Heather Frank of Philadelphia.

So, congratulations, winners! We will see you on the podium at the Viral Video Awards April 16 in New York City.

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