The Gallery Gets a Spanking and a Jukka Extra

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MTV 'Jukka Brothers'
MTV 'Jukka Brothers'
Forget Secretary—MTV brought spanking to the cool-deprived masses back in 1999 via the Jukka Brothers, and subsequently exemplified the bizarre humor advertising trend of the millennial years. Directed by Traktor and conceived by the Fallon team of Dave Lubars (now at BBDO/N.Y.) Linus Karlsson and Paul Malmstrom (now at Mother New York), the spot introduces us to bearded brothers who understand the importance of MTV and pass the tradition on to their younger brother in an act of tough love. The Finnish hicks join some other amusing characters in the Creativity 20th Anniversary Work Gallery, where you can go to see all the work. The gallery is also a voting forum, where subscribers can use our Rate-the-Ad feature to cast their votes for the Best Spot of the Last 20 Years, to be unveiled in June.

However, "What most people don't know is that in connection with creating the Jukka Bros. campaign, we also collaborated with our friends at Asche&Spencer in Minneapolis and wrote and recorded a 'hit Jukka song,'" says Karlsson. "It's a rap song that we wanted Dave Meyers to shoot a music video for and then try to get into rotation for real on MTV. Unfortunately, it never saw the daylight because we got so busy on other stuff and kind of forgot about it. The song still holds up in our heads. It's a timeless classic. We've also written a feature film script that we with the help of MTV actually sold to Paramount. But that's a whole other story." Hear the song here.
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