Geico Reaches Out to Cavemen

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Geico "Insult"
"It's so easy to use, a caveman could do it," according to a new commercial for the insurance company. Cavemen, however, are taking offense. That's the premise of one of three so-called "mini-campaigns" from The Martin Agency that debuted this week. As that storyline unfolds, we see a caveman crew member storm off the set, cavemen at home getting angry about how "condescending" the commercial is and -- finally -- a meeting arranged so the Geico spokesman can apologize to the caveman community.

In two other campaigns -- also directed, like the caveman bit, by Omaha Pictures' Speck & Gordon -- we see parodies of ads for Old Navy, infomercials and reality shows, plus a trio of spots illustrating how quickly you can save money with Geico.

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