Goodby Delivers Big Idea for Saturn

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Saturn: A different kind of car commercial.
For new client Saturn -- known in its classic tagline as "a different kind of company, a different kind of car" -- Goodby, Silverstein & Partners has created a different kind of car commercial. There are no cars in it. Instead we see scenes of people jogging and standing -- in driveways, on streets, in parking lots -- where cars would normally be. "When we design our cars we don't see sheet metal," the voiceover explains. "We see the people who may one day be driving them." The spot ends with Saturn's new tagline: "It's different in a Saturn."

"There's no punchline," director Noam Murro of Biscuit Filmworks says. "It's an idea, a brilliant idea I think, but that's frought with danger, as always with anything high-concept." Murro says the project was something of a "landmine," since the idea could have been executed in so many different ways. In the end, however, he's happy with the result, which manages to walk the very fine line between comedy and sentiment. "I keep looking at it and I like it," he says. "The funny thing about it is that it actually moves you. ... May the force be with the people at Goodby, because they have the ability to come up with ideas like that. It's a prime example of a great agency at work."

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