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"Mad Men" fever is here -- and we've got the goods on both the AMC TV version and the real-life figures from American advertising history.

We've also curated some of our best historial archives, in case you want to peek into the real advertising lives and lessons from the "Mad Men" era. Check out our 2010 timeline of the past 80 years as well as one we constructed one our 75th anniversary, in 2005. And find out what the era's movers and shakers are up to today as a fly on the wall at the book-launch party for "Mad Women," which chronicles the era's women of advertising.

We've created this page so all of our "Mad Men" and "Mad Men"-era content can be found in one handy place. Below, you'll see the controversy that the show's own ads stoked prior to its season-five premiere. You'll have the complete recaps of what happened in which episodes during season four, which will help ensure you're caught up for the next one. We've got analysis of the show's business model and why it needs to embrace advertising and product integration. And we've got a recap of Piers Morgan's interview of John Slattery, aka Roger Sterling, at our 2010 ME: Media Evolved Conference.

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Controversy Brews Over Ads for New Season of 'Mad Men'
Just weeks before the long-awaited fifth season of AMC's "Mad Men," a promotional campaign for the hit show sparked controversy as some folks said it evokes images of 9/11. Outdoor ads on buildings, phone booths and elsewhere depicts a man wearing a suit stenciled in black as he falls through the sky against a stark white background. Read the story

Who's a Coward When It Comes to Race, 'Mad Men' Writers or the Ad Industry?
"Mad Men" has previously come under criticism for not addressing the issue of race -- or not addressing it in a manner to critics' liking. But a pair of Slate articles argued that the show portrays race relations in the industry at the time. "It's a show about advertising," Slate said. "And it is advertising, not 'Mad Men,' that is written by cowards." Read the story

True Tales and Cocktails with the Real Mad Men and Women of Madison Avenue
There's a wealth of buzz about the new season of Mad Men and its depiction of the industry's past, but reporter Rupal Parekh got to hang out with the real thing: legendary advertising folks from the era. Read the story.

It's Time for 'Mad Men' to Play 'Moneyball'
It was strangely appropriate that the movie shown to thousands of ad-industry execs flying United, Continental and American to CES was "Moneyball," the story of Billy Beane's use of data to compete with the Yankees. Read the story.

Why 'Mad Men' Needs More Advertising, Not Less
Tongues were aflutter over the inevitable delay in getting the fifth season of "Mad Men" up and running on AMC. One issue: AMC wanted to shorten the time allotted to content and devote those minutes to advertising. Was that really so unreasonable? Read the story.

What Does Roger Sterling (OK, John Slattery) Think of Advertising?
Piers Morgan, the successor to the "Larry King Live" time slot on CNN, was hoping to tackle sexism in the ad industry during his Q&A panel at Advertising Age's Media Evolved Conference in New York. Luckily, his interview subject was John Slattery, aka "Mad Men's" Roger Sterling, "arguably the most sexist character on television." Read the story.

Unilever Breaks Multibrand 'Mad Men' Blitz
Despite the show's comparatively low ratings and modest ad revenue, package-goods behemoth Unilever is making a big bet on AMC's "Mad Men" with the launch of a marketing blitz for six of its iconic brands: Dove, Breyers, Hellman's, Klondike, Suave and Vaseline. Read the story.

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