Guinness Pours a New Look at Evolution

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Guinness "noitulovE"
Those who drink Guinness are an evolved breed—and this eye-popping new spot from director Daniel Kleinman, London-based AMV BBDO and visual effects house Framestore CFC proves it. Starting with a sip of Guinness in a present-day pub, "noitulovE" launches viewers backwards through a history of evolution on Earth, as living creatures and landscapes alike rapidly devolve into their earliest states. According to Framestore VFX supervisor William Bartlett, the visually-stunning journey was the result of an improvised splicing of live action, stock footage and cutting edge VFX techniques. "When we first started, we looked at the storyboards and saw 15 computer-generated creatures, plus nine or ten different land or plant transformations," says Bartlett. "We decided to aim to do as many of them without CG as we could, just to better manage the volume of work. So we came up with lots of different ideas—stock footage of chimpanzees, traditional stop-frame animation for growing foliage, and a bread mix that I cooked up in the kitchen to simulate rock transformations. Mixing all of these things together with the CG stuff, the stuff we shot in studio and the time-elapse landscapes we shot in Iceland, and getting it not to look like a collage of 10 different sources, was the hardest part. But it turned out to be quite successful in the end." (RH)
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