Halloween Treat: The Ad Agency Human Centipede!

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Because of the weather, trick or treating this year was a wash, at least in our hood. But fortunately, this little goodie dropped into our inbox, courtesy of one mysterious Dr. Gregory Heiter.

As horror film aficionados may know, Dr. Heiter is famous for his experimental surgeries that connect the bodies of multiple individuals from end to end, creating, in effect, a "Human Centipede." (For an in-depth look at the process see here and here.) What's most compelling about this hybrid beast, however, is not its multiple limbs, but rather, the single digestive tract that runs from its mouth to its rear end.

Although the idea makes for a totally grotesque plotline, it's actually the perfect metaphor for how some brand ideas go seriously down the crapper, as detailed in Heiter's infographic below. Happy Halloween!

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