Hark, the holiday Bin of Shame

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In a few days we'll start rolling out our Best of Year picks, but before we do that, we thought it was appropriate to present a small sample of some of the worst stuff we saw all year, the denizens of our Bin of Shame, the office receptacle for the work that goes so far beyond bad to become almost good again. The point isn't to bag on your garden variety packaged goods wallpaper—there's too much of it. Stare too hard into that vortex and you'll be living in a bus station restroom with a tin hat. We hope the things you see here not only lead you to profoundly question the world you live in but also not take it so damn seriously.

And if you happened to work on any of these, don't feel too bad. Everyone's got one. So, when ad people trade their "awesome spot" stories ("I worked on XX with XX celebrity, we had a budget of $XXX,XXX and filmed on XX") trot out the tale of this special gem you lovingly sculpted. That'll at least put an awkward end to a boring conversation.
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