Headquarters Goes Behind Enemy Lines

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In a change of pace for the usually boisterous and jocular producer, Headquarters partner Tom Mooney was recently spotted -- stone-faced and silent -- on the big screen. Mooney appears, standing stoically next to Gene Hackman, in a silent role as a military officer in key scenes of the recent Fox Films release Behind Enemy Lines. "Don't go out for popcorn or soda, or you'll miss me," Mooney says of the pithy cameo. Turns out Mooney's partner at Headquarters, Alex Blum, was a co-producer of the film, and the shop's John Moore helmed the feature. Moore drew the attention of Hollywood soon after the high-action Sega spot "Apocalypse" he directed aired during the MTV Movie Awards in 1999. "Alex and I thought it was the usual crank phone calls," recalls Mooney of the flood of inquiries he and Blum got from film execs after the spot aired. "I'd like to say we planned this, but it just came to us." Mooney says that after about a year of meetings between Blum, Moore, and Davis Entertainment chairman John Davis, Behind Enemy Lines finally became a "go picture." Moore continues to direct spots via Headquarters, and Mooney says prospects for his next feature are promising.

But how did Mooney get face time in the movie? "I told John if he didn't give me a role in the film, he'd never get another fucking commercial," he quips. Now that sounds like the Mooney we know. (Ann-Christine Diaz)

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