Honda Compares Cars and Drivers

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Honda owners resemble their cars.
Anonymous Content director Malcolm Venville certainly has a knack for subtlety and a flair for the uncanny. Following last year's award-winning "Squares" spot for Volkswagen -- which accumulated a collection of square objects to juxtapose with the wonderfully round Beetle -- Venville brings his light touch to a new brand spot for Honda from Rubin Postaer & Associates.

As before, we see a series of frames that are disorienting at first, until we grasp the theme. In the Honda spot, titled "Best Friends," it's that all the drivers look a little like their cars, or is it the other way around? Either way, "It must be love" as the super suggests. Additional credits to creatives David Smith and Joe Baratelli, Whitehouse editor Rick Lawley and music house HUM.

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