Honda Worships Engineering Excellence

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Honda (UK) - 'Hondamentalism'
Honda (UK) - 'Hondamentalism'
Wieden+Kennedy/London's latest effort for Honda, the first creative in an integrated campaign that will roll out in the coming week, draws on the company's "unique racing spirit and endless pursuit of excellence" as encompassed in the term "Hondamentalism." This cinematic new spot—evoking the type of fanaticism usually reserved for 'mentalisms associated with religion—depicts white lab coat-clad engineers seemingly obsessed with reaching the excellence that is a big, bright, glowing red Honda logo. As they strive for their ultimate goal, a mighty wind tests their mettle, but director Mark Romanek makes sure they fight through to reach the deified insignia. All in all, it's a pretty spot that should really resonate with any workaholic, obsessive types.
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