Ikea Targets "Cross Section of Lifestyles" in Amsterdam

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Ikea: "My daddies are also a set."
According to Scott Goodson, creative director at Amsterdam agency StrawberryFrog, the shop's new print campaign for Ikea has a simple message: "If you're living a life that's not as interesting, fun, sexy, exciting as you'd like -- you no longer have to." The effort's tagline, "Why be grey?", is driven home by people in mouse suits, and, as Goodson says, motifs featuring "a cross section of lifestyles reflecting modern society."

In one ad, an elderly woman is ensconced in an Ikea bed with a young boy toy. The copy reads, "I am woman, make me roar." In another, a man wearing only part of a mouse suit comes stumbling out of a closet to find a hunk waiting for him. "You can't come out of just any closet," the copy explains. In a third, a gay couple pose with a pair of endtables as their son quips, "My daddies are also a set."

"We have everything from an older woman and her younger lover, to a confident girl who's just broken up with her boyfriend, to a set of gay daddies and their child -- a twist to the warm and affectionate family values moment -- all to emphasize that Ikea is for everyone," says Goodson, noting that the campaign is an attempt to break away from traditional furniture advertising. "In no way is it a subtle approach with a furniture cluttered room," he says. "One product is always the hero."

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