The New and Improved Guest Review: BBDO N.Y.'s Greg Hahn and Mike Smith

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Here it is, Creativity's new and improved Guest Review. Previously, this feature appeared in the magazine, with creative big guns weighing in on recent ad work in television, print and interactive. Today, we're debuting this online feature in which industry leaders share their favorite and not so favorite creative moments from advertising and marketing, as well as from the broader world of entertainment and pop culture.

For our inaugural review, we invited BBDO, New York EVP/ECDs Mike Smith and Greg Hahn to show us what turned them on creatively during the month of April. The pair share their picks below, making the most of the interactive space to show where the work rates on their love meter.

Greg Hahn and Mike Smith, EVPs/ECDs, BBDO, New York

Mike Smith (left) and Greg Hahn
Mike Smith (left) and Greg Hahn

We're thrilled that Creativity has invited us to be Guest Reviewers, asking us to share our feelings about some of the creative endeavors of the last month. This is the first time this section will be online. As such, we decided to make our feelings clickable.

Here are some things that caught our eye.

Playstation Killlzone 2, when we first saw it we were like this.

The Samsung HD Camera video . Made us feel like this.
Seeing people on blogs pointing out the flawed details of the trick. Which, of course, could only be noticed because the picture was so clear.

Orange When The Lights Are Off website. [Or see video here.]
Seems like a really nice idea and a good use of new interactivity. We say "seems" because we were too lazy to get up and turn off the lights. Which we're guessing a lot of people are. But points for cool innovation tied to an idea.

There was an interesting piece from an agency in Belgium for World Water Day. They sent out a mailer with a hidden message that was readable only after running it under water.
Wait, that kind of means that people were wasting a lot of water trying to read it.

The Dead Weather. Jack White has a new band.

Then there is Susan Boyle.

And one more thing.
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