Indie Films Brave Hollywood for Malibu Film Fest

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Malibu Film Festival "Lonely"
Backyard Productions director Kevin Smith and freelance creative director Josh Caplan -- who brought us the hilarious Yard Fitness "Naked Man" campaign a few years ago -- have teamed up again for a series of promos for next month's Malibu Film Festival. The premise of the campaign is that "independent film can't survive in Hollywood," a point driven home by scenes of people dressed up like film reels -- courtesy of Hollywood's Anatomorphex -- facing the unforgiving side of Tinsel Town.

In one, we see reel-people giving a street performance that fails to win over the crowd, while another shows reels reduced to homelessness. In the best spot, a reel strolls down the sidewalk, Joe Buck-style, to the theme song from Midnight Cowboy as a passing motorist tells him to get out of town.

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