That jar of Vaseline on the bedside table? Yeah, it 'protects' your 'skin.'

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Vaseline - 'Sea'
Vaseline - 'Sea'
It's the largest organ in the body, and the copy just trots out some fun facts about skin before introducing Vaseline as its protector, but BBH/New York and Stink/Smuggler's Ivan Zacharias pull "Sea," Vaseline's new global spot, above the board with visuals equally inspired by Spencer Tunick and Conway's Game of Life. Nudes arranged in various geometric patterns undulate to and fro and tie the spot to impressive landscape shots, filmed in freezing Iceland and Barcelona, while Tortoise's "Ten-Day Interval" plunks and plinks in the background. The Mill added some people in post, and the eight-day shoot packed with complexities and challenges came to fruition.
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