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Starting next week, prodigous son Jeff Kling returns to Wieden + Kennedy, four years after he left the shop, to run the Amsterdam office as ECD along with John Norman.

The award-winning copywriter's return to Wieden comes after a time as ECD at Euro RSCG, New York and most recently at Vice's marketing arm, Virtue.

We reached Kling as he was readying for Amsterdam and he had this to say about the W+K: "The people there always, always, always go for it. Always. I'd say they always swing for the fences, if baseball clichés wouldn't be lost on them. But they're always trying like hell, you know? Trying to make any client anything as huge as it can be; make it loom far larger than its spend. It'll be good to be in that again."

Hired by Kevin Roddy in August 2004, Kling, best known for Miller High Life work at Wieden Portland, oversaw notable work from Jaguar, including the stylized XK and XKR launches, a safety-centered push for Volvo and Dos Equis' Most Interesting Man campaign.

Kling at work in Miami last year
Kling at work in Miami last year
Kling was originally at Wieden + Kennedy, Portland before making the move to Amsterdam, where the first of his two daughters was born; he says he's excited to return to the city and, more generally, to the Wieden bosom there. "It's kind of rare you can field an idea as a creative director and say, That's fucking awesome. It's happened to me three times and two of the times were at Wieden + Kennedy, Amsterdam. I know Dan [Wieden] and John Jay are excited about a future where nobody knows where it's going to go; they just kind of want to keep going with the crazy experiment so things are kind of wide open, and that's really fun."

Since he left Euro last year, Kling's kept busy. In addition to an art show in Miami during Art Basel in December and work on illustration projects, by his own long list he's gotten into shape, worked with students at W+K 12, blogged, snowboarded, helped people tune up their books and renovated his house.

Most interesting is his stint as Virtue Worldwide's "éminence grise." The marketing arm of the Vice empire has grown, with Kling working on projects including viral videos and packaging for the launch of the "Rock Band" game, helping with the launch of MTV's virtual Lower East Side and work with Scion and Red Bull. Kling says he was working with Virtue on a volunteer-for-equity basis so "there are no closed doors there" and looks forward to collaborating with the nascent agency, which has recently brought in talent like former Rockstar Games spokesman Hosi Simon and MTV2 general manager David Cohn.
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