Jose Cabaco Goes for a Random Tour with Orba Squara

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Former agency creative Jose Cabaco, who's had stints at Euro RSCG and Wieden + Kennedy, was behind this site promoting The Trouble with Flying, the latest album from musician Mitch Davis, aka Orba Squara. Cabaco, along with other members of Random Collective, a group of creative friends from all over the U.S. dedicated to pursuing personal creative projects, documented the band on a 10-day 15 city tour to produce a Flash-driven, horizontally scrolling tour diary--a multimedia collage of photography, illustration, typography, music and film that, if laid out on paper, would measure 430 feet long.

The idea for the project was triggered by Cabaco's own travel plans, in a way. "It's actually a funny story," he says. "I was living in New York, I was moving back to Portland, the name of the album is The Trouble with Flying. I had time to get back to Portland without getting on a plane, they liked the idea and it was the cheapest way possible to do anything anyway. So I decided, I'm not going to fly to Portland, I'm going to drive and I'm going to experience the U.S. in a different way and try to create a visual landscape for the record, or the other way around, using the records as a soundtrack for the trip. I keep journals every day and this is kind of a digitalization of what I do in an analog world."

Not surprisingly, time was the biggest obstacle. "It was a bit rushed. We did 15 states in ten days. I would have loved to spend a bit more time off the beaten path. The band is independent, an independent label. We were just being very conscious of making the most of what we had. If you think of this idea backed up by a major label this would have been amazing. I like the fact that it's been under certain limitations. I appreciate the outcome more."

Currently, Cabaco is finishing up music videos to add to the site. As for the future of Random Collective, it may be around as long as there's work to do—in the personal sense, at least. "The Random Collective is almost like a group behind the realization of personal projects that you don't have the time to do because you're so caught up in your professions. It's an attempt to create space in your life to do personal projects. If anything, this is a nonprofit project. It tries to contribute to you keeping your sanity, and help you feel good about something you do. If [it goes well] after a year of doing stuff like this with this kind of innovation in different media, then we might reconsider what we're doing."
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