Kia Aims to "Make Every Mile Count"

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Kia: The secret to your success.
L.A. agency David and Goliath today begins rolling out a series of Kia ads featuring the carmaker's new tagline: "Make Every Mile Count." Three new spots drive the point home by highlighting Kia's lower prices. In one -- directed by Stiefel + Company's Peter Darley Miller -- a man arrives at work in his new Optima, prompting everyone to think he's gotten a raise. By the time he gets to his desk, he has apparently become president of the company.

Two spots for the Sorento SUV likewise draw attention to its low price, particularly in contrast with other SUVs. In the model's launch spot, also shot by Miller, a spokesperson stiffly walks viewers through the car's features before revealing that the company's accountant had to be tied up to allow the car to be priced as low as it is. In a second -- "Race," directed by Villains' Ken Fox -- the Sorento tops other SUVs in an off-road race, aided by all the cash it will help you save.

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