Samsung's New Sitcom: K-Pop Meets 'Glee' Meets 'The Office'

The Online Show Portrays the Company's Employees as Young, Gorgeous and Bursting into Song

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Is this what happens when Samsung employees hang out at the water cooler?
Is this what happens when Samsung employees hang out at the water cooler?

In Korea, Samsung is launching a new online sitcom about two roommates: a guy named Best and his gal pal called Future. The show is called "Best Future." (Apparently, that all has a better ring to it in Korean.)

The show, to air online starting next month in six 10-minute episodes, is about a young Samsung employee and her roommate, an aspiring singer. It's what the Korean electronics giant calls a "musical sitcom," and it features popular songs from the '80s and '90s, according to a company blog post. It's partly set in Samsung's offices in South Korea.

Korea's conglomerates are often stereotyped as high-pressure, hierarchical places to work, and the sitcom appears to be part of Samsung's attempt to style itself as young, fun and creative.

As part of the loosening up, the company has allowed employees at one main campus more flexible hours and relaxed the dress code for staff not in client-facing positions.

More generally, it's a moment of flux for the electronics giant, which faces growing competition from Chinese smartphone makers, and which reported a drop in earnings in the second quarter.

"Best Future" is the company's second foray into sitcom territory. Last year it aired "Infinite Energy," with a storyline focused on recruiting. That show had 5.5 million views.

Here are a few photos of the show from the company's blog:

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