Krakowsky launches Apologue

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Experience designer Tali Krakowsky has launched her own venture, Apologue, "dedicated to the creation of immersive storytelling environments."

Krakowsky, who blogs for On Design, had previously been Director of Experience Design at Imaginary Forces and, later, WET Design. Israeli-born and Hong Kong raised, Krakowsky studied Communication Design at Parsons School of Design and has a Master of Arts from UCLA's School of Architecture.

"We expect our physical spaces to seamlessly embody basic technologies, including electricity, lighting and phone lines," says Krakowsky. "We demand that our cars be intelligent enough to know how fast they're driving, how much fuel is left in the tank, and when there is an internal malfunction. While a decade ago a mobile phone was just that, today we presume that our mobile devices will deliver real-time access to all the data in the world. And still, our architecture remains analog and silent. In the very near future we will place the same kind of demands on our spaces."

Krakowsky says she founded the company "to facilitate the creation of places that speak to an emerging generation that has a different relationship to the world" and says the applications of experience design - for brands as well as museums, real estate developers and architects – are limitless. "Retailers can offer consumers highly directed and curated shopping experiences while learning about how their stores and products are being used. Amazon has learned how to do this but there is noting in physical architecture that does this kind of work with data."

Based in L.A., Apologue will develop experience design initiatives and act as a consultant to companies seeking to integrate this kind of emerging approach into their projects.

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