Levi's Unearths Relic From Web Design Past

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Levis "Copper Jeans"
What better way to pay tribute to the nostalgic quality of Levi's new Copper Jeans (whose copper rivets and asymmetrical hand-sewn seams hearken back to the earliest jean design) than by digging up a relic from the history of web design? That's exactly what OgilvyOne/Singapore did in resurrecting HTML for its masterful Copper Jeans site. Separate sections for men and women are each designed as one big expansive web page, entreating visitors to scroll up, down, left and right to discover hidden goodies buried in the dirt alongside a pair of the newly discovered jeans. Those goodies include written descriptions of the jeans' unique features (using those classic pull-down menus we all know and love), rocks that reveal pieces of copper-related trivia, a "Dishing the Dirt" feature that lets you bury messages on the site for friends to unearth, and even a way to try on the jeans by downloading a life-sized PDF pair—all in a refreshingly simple design that stands out among the Flash animated masses.
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