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Goodby, Silverstein & Partners creative recruiter Zach Canfield, aka Zach Slow, and designer Tanner Shea are up to some online hijinks—again. The pair were behind the successful online campaign to get Slow a date with U.K. rap babe Lady Sovereign, and now, they've partnered with The Barbarian Group to launch an online reality show, The 2 Husbands.

Both single, Slow and Shea are putting themselves up on the internet auction block and asking visitors to choose their future wives. It's kind of YouTube meets The Bachelor, and the website features video petitions from hopeful brides, as well as Slow and Shea's profiles— one of which reveals a hilarious plot twist. Each of the two winners will land not only the man of her dreams, but a $50,000 purse as well.

Voting will begin in about two weeks—and to help weed out ballot-stuffers (and cover the site's expenses), each vote will cost $2.00. Once 500,000 votes are cast, the game is over, and the women earning the most will be officially engaged.

"I really have no idea exactly how it's going to go down," says Slow. But if things do go well, it opens up the doors to much more online reality fodder—like the wedding itself, and life after."

What about any hurt feelings that might result if things don't work out? "If people's feelings are hurt, I think that maybe they haven't watched enough reality television to know that it's not as real as it seems," laughs Shea.

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