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MaximOnline "Penex"
Sex, blogs and rockin' videos. That's the formula cooked up by MaximOnline and creative marketing shop Night Agency to reach out and touch the magazine's horny, web-savvy readership where their internet browsers are. Having made a huge splash with eye-popping viral efforts like the "Head and Body" campaign for MTV and Motorola, Night Agency was tapped to create a series of viral web films to draw attention to MaximTV, the online video portion of the site—and also to seed those virals throughout the blogosphere. "MaximOnline has tons of its own viral content, but we just need to get the word out to more people," says MaximOnline president Todd Anderman. "So we told Night Agency one thing: just be creative!"

Night Agency rose to the challenge by conceiving, shooting and producing a viral breaking this week, a cheeky testimonial for a new drug called Penex developed to combat the embarrassing symptoms of HEB (hyper erectile bloat). "Penex was a response to the volume of erection medication ads presently out there," laughs Darren Paul, managing partner of Night Agency. "We think it has both high and low appeal: high in that it's cultural commentary, and low in that it's an extended penis joke. We just got lucky that erectile dysfunction is on the tip of everyone's tongue—eww—with the parting of Levitra and the NFL."

To truly extend Penex's reach, Night Agency is leveraging its mastery of online seeding and blog navigation to spread the virals, using the internet's most influential opinion-makers to drum up precious word-of-mouth buzz. And that's only the beginning, as Night Agency plans to create and seed several new MaximOnline virals a month, starting with a mini-documentary in the next few weeks that will follow a Rock, Paper, Scissors champion's quest for hand-powered supremacy.
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