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Intro Guy gets down with his car alarm.
When we caught MTV's new "Intro Guy" promos this weekend -- the spots feature a gangly hipster dancing to unlikely soundtracks, including the squeaks of a car alarm -- our first thought was, "Who is this guy?" Meet 28-year-old copywriter Clay Weiner, who wrote the ads and stars in them, convulsing his body wildly to herky-jerky rhythms.

"It's this character I've been working on for awhile as a performer," says Weiner, who recently joined Publicis/New York as a copywriter. "He's this kid who's kind of oblivious to the outside world, but who's really into pop music."

The character -- who Weiner has named Mylon Telly Vickerson, but who is identified in the promos only as "Intro Guy" -- made his first appearance last year during MTV's Video Music Awards, in short clips introducing each award category. From there, Weiner and director Lena Beug -- an MTV staff designer and Weiner's longtime collaborator -- began fleshing out a larger role for the character. "I wrote the stuff in October and it just kept surviving, and it kept getting bigger," Weiner says.

In fact, "Intro Guy" will soon start appearing in bumpers introducing MTV "Exclusives," "Buzz Clips" and the like, and Weiner says he and Beug would eventually like to turn the skit into a movie. In the meantime, Weiner is getting used to his new profile. "It's kind of fun," he says. "I got recognized on the subway the other morning. It was pretty wild."

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