Mercedes U.K. Disguises Spot as Movie Trailer

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Over the weekend, a movie trailer broke in the U.K. promoting an upcoming film called Lucky Star, directed by Michael Mann and starring Benicio Del Toro as a man whose uncanny foresight allows him to clean up on the Chicago Commodities Exchange and at the bacarrat tables. But don't get in line for tickets yet. The trailer is actually an ad for the Mercedes SL-Class from London upstart agency Campbell Doyle Dye, although viewers were given few clues about Mercedes' involvement before London's Guardian newspaper "exposed" the hoax this morning.

Even the movie's dummy website plays it straight, providing only a chance to watch the trailer and a description of the film's plot. Aside from the SL that appears throughout the trailer, the only traces of Mercedes' backing appear in the site's privacy statement -- which identifies the proprietor as DaimlerChrysler UK Limited -- and the name of the film itself. According to company tradition, Gottlieb Daimler sketched what would later become the Mercedes-Benz logo and dubbed it a "lucky star," the three points of which represent vehicles traveling by air, sea and land. The site is also packed with "Coming Soon" notices, suggesting more will be revealed -- should there be anything left to know, that is.
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