Microsoft and Intel bring "Digital Joy"

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"Digital Joy"
A new integrated campaign from Deutsch New York sees Microsoft and Intel joining forces to trumpet the one-stop home digital content experience. The "Digital Joy" campaign includes TV and cinema spots, print, a web site and consumer "experience zones"-- living room-like installations at malls across the U.S. which allow consumers to sample Microsoft/Intel's PC-based home entertainment/content management offerings. The launch spot, directed by Sam Bayer out of RSA and breaking November 7, features an empty city street that is steadily filled with a procession of characters from film and real life, representing the video, photo and music capabilities of Intel's Pentium 4 technology and Microsoft's Windows XP Media Center. The spot opens with an armor-clad gladiator who is joined, via visual effects by Method, by a cast of thousands including Little Orphan Annie, a father recording his son's first bike ride and a fearsome but well-behaved creature from Alien. All and sundry, of course, converge on a leafy street and ultimately in the living room of a media-savvy family. Deutsch is also launching a Microsoft/Intel web site ( on November 7, where consumers can bone up on digital entertainment technology. –Teressa Iezzi
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