Mother/London challenges Football Chairmen

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Coca-Cola (UK) - 'Oldham'
Coca-Cola (UK) - 'Oldham'
For the uninitiated, the relationship between Britons and football can be accurately described as religious fanaticism with a healthy dose alcohol. Not only is there the top-flight Premier League (akin to the NFL or NBA stateside) but a gaggle of lower leagues, as well. There are so many professional football teams (of varying skill and size) on that island, you'd think every village had its own. The beauty of the UK football system is how much hope it offers fans courtesy of the relegation/promotion protocol–top teams advance to higher leagues, while lesser squads are dropped down–leaving fans a glimmer of hope that their club will one day make the top league, no matter how unlikely.

Coca-Cola is the title sponsor of these lower leagues and in an effort to fuel these hopes has offered up
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