Mother's Nik Studzinski to join Droga5 as Co-ECD

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Nik Studzinski
Nik Studzinski

Droga5 has announced that Mother London creative director Nik Studzinski, will be joining the agency as Co-Executive Creative Director. Starting September 1, Studzinski will fill the post vacated by Duncan Marshall, who left the agency's New York headquarters in April to become ECD at Droga5 Sydney. Studzinski has been at Mother since 2007. Prior to that, he served as ECD at Publicis London for five years and as Head of Art at Saatchi London, where he first worked with D5 Creative Chairman David Droga.

"We go way way way back," says Droga. "He was my head of art at Saatchi. Right from the beginning we always wanted him to play a role in Droga5. It was just so hard to pry him out of London because he's so English on so many levels."

Some of Studzinski's career highlights include work for the British Army, Monster, Schweppes, Renault, Cadbury and Boots. Droga says Studzinski's art background will bring new dimension to the team. "He's much into the details, aesthetics of things, design. He's incredibly hands on, his eye is much better than mine and I look forward to deferring to that eye."

Studzinski will join co-ECD Ted Royer in running the creative department while each will be overseeing separate accounts. Droga believes two creative heads will continue to serve the shop well as it grows body- and business-wise.

The agency staff count has hit 100, and from Puma, to Vitamin Water, "we're picking up more and more global business," Droga says. "It's good to have perspective from that side of the pond as well. By themselves, Ted and Nik could be ECDs of an agency. But we like to have multiple dimensions and we're very top heavy. That's why I think our work is so diverse because we have very senior people with very different backgrounds. Obviously it was very important that he and Ted were aligned and saw the benefit of it. I left it in their hands to see if they wanted to do it, and I think they both see the value of it."

"Duncan [Marshall] and I had very different taste, which only made us stronger," says Royer. "He saw things from a perspective that I normally wouldn't, and vice-versa, which is great. You don't want to have too many people with the same talents—you can't stretch that way. I think Nik and I will compliment each other in the same way. We worked together on the Publicis creative council, and I got to know him as an extremely talented and a very funny, very nice guy to work with. And I never underestimate the importance of nice people. It makes the long hours of work so much better when you have people who are focused on the work and not ego-driven. Nik should fit that bill perfectly."

See some of Studzinski's past work below:

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