Motorola Skips PEBL Into Online Community

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Motorola "PEBL Pond"
It takes thousands of years for a pebble to take shape, as we saw in David Fincher's TV spot for the smooth-skinned Motorola PEBL phone. But thanks to FCBi, visitors to the "PEBL Pond" website can create their own pebble—engraved with their own personal discovery—in a matter of seconds. The interactive experience places you on the rocky shore of a virtual pond and invites you to start a ripple by typing a thought onto the surface of a pebble and skipping it into the water. After sharing your personal discovery with the rest of the PEBL community, the site takes you below the surface, where you can read the discoveries of your fellow pebble-skippers. "The site is all about the full contact concept of touch, creating an intellectual and emotional experience of building a PEBL community," says Mach Arom, FCBi chief creative officer on the Motorola account. "Making the immersion of the PEBL as close to natural as possible was a fully collaborative effort, using a 3-D renderer to custom create the sound of a PEBL being thrown and landing in a pond."
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