Mountain Dew Revives "Spy vs. Spy"

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"Spy vs. Spy" for Mountain Dew.
In a new pair of commercials from BBDO/New York, Mountain Dew succeeds in doing what Hollywood has been trying to do -- without success -- for more than a decade by creating a live-action version of "Spy vs. Spy," the comic strip created by Cuban exile Antonio Prohias that debuted in MAD magazine in 1961. With Traktor at the helm and effects company Method providing otherworldly texture, brand and agency have done a good job of adapting the cult strip to 3D while retaining the claustrophobia and absurdity of the original. In the spots, we see the Black Spy and the White Spy going at it, as usual, using Mountain Dew as the bait for their various traps.
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