Mullen ups Wenneker to CCO

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Mullen has announced a shift in roles for its two creative leaders - Mark Wenneker is being bumped from executive creative director to chief creative officer, while Mullen partner and longtime CCO Edward Boches will formally assume the title of chief innovation officer.

Says Boches, "for the last two years I have focused on developing tech, digital and social and helped embed it into overall agency operations. Mark has focused on the creative product, hiring new talent, digital and otherwise. The logical next step is to bring everything under one person. That way I can continue to focus on new ways of thinking that can inspire the process and product."

The agency says it plans to formalize an internal lab to aggregate and share intel on "new stuff"and has articulated a mission of gaining expertise in both "software and storytelling."

"We have a staff of developers as part of our tech team now in the creative department," says Wenneker. "They know how to build things. The trick moving forward is to make sure these people aren't simply at the end of the line making stuff that people bring to them, but are part of the creative development process. That takes a special type of tech person, but it also takes a creative department that embraces them as partners. We are working on that."

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