Nick Broomfield Gets Gorgeous

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A new kitten has joined the Gorgeous roster, and his name is Nick Broomfield. The critically acclaimed, award-winning filmmaker is best known for his documentaries like Kurt and Courtney, Aileen-Life and Death of a Serial Killer and Biggie and Tupac. His movies are known for their reflexive style, exploring not just the film's subjects, but the act of the filmmaking itself--Broomfield's often appears in them, holding a sound boom. His work has influenced a generation of other documentary filmmakers like Michael Moore, Morgan Spurlock and Louis Theroux.

In recent years, Broomfield has applied his skills to dramatic features based on current events. His latest film, Battle for Haditha, debuts in the U.K. tomorrow and dramatizes the events leading up to November 19, 2005 shooting of 24 Iraqi civilians by U.S. marines. Previously, Broomfield had directed the Channel 4 drama Ghosts, about the 2004 drowning of two dozen Chinese immigrant cockle pickers at Morecambe Bay in North West England.

"Nick brings a very inquisitive and inquiring mind to everything he does," says Gorgeous M.D. Paul Rothwell. "I have more respect for his work than I do for most filmmakers in the last ten years."

Broomfield is not completely new to spots. In 1999, he directed in a series of spots for the VW Passat, in which he also appeared holding his sound boom, investigating rumors about the new car. But today, he plans to reach beyond his trademark documentary style.

"Now he's more of a filmmaker than just a documentary maker," says Rothwell. "Because of that commercials have started appealing to him more."
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