Nokia Lends A Hand (Or Two)

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Nokia "Push To Start"
The phrase "hand in hand" takes a significant hit with the launch of, a website created by Lowe Roche to trumpet the simplicity of the one-handed push-to-open feature of the new Nokia 6133 phone. With the harmonious cooperation of both hands no longer needed to operate this piece of technological wizardry, the new rival appendages are left to battle each other in a trio of engrossingly simple arcade-style games that hearken back to the glory days of Pong and Space Invaders. "Everyone involved in this project played these simple games when we were young, so taking a trip back in time reminded us of the good ol' times," says Lowe Roche art director Karen Larmour. "There's also something super cool about finding out which one of your hands kicks the most butt." And while the games themselves may seem simple, the fact that players control both sides simultaneously makes them plenty challenging. "Playing hand against hand added a degree of difficulty to the games," says Larmour. "We had to make sure that they weren't frustratingly hard, but also that one hand would emerge victorious. There couldn't be a tie."
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