Obama 'sits' for a Presidential Portrait

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As if Barack Obama hasn't gotten enough support from the creative community, freelance creative Justin Gignac and Mother art director Christine Santora have joined in the artistic frenzy inspired by the presidential candidate. The two are the brains behind the conceptual art known as Wants for Sale. Basically, they paint whatever they covet and then sell the artwork for the respective subject's market value. For example, their painting of a slice of pizza went for $3.00, while their piece depicting financial security (a stack of money) has yet to be sold, for $1 million.

With an eye toward November's election, Gignac and Santora recently added to their collection a painting of their latest wish: President Obama.

"We really want Obama to win the election, and we knew a lot of people out there wanted the same thing," explains Gignac. The cost of getting the Illinois Senator to the White House isn't nearly as easy to nail down as a plate of wings or a Nintendo Wii. In this case, the artists are helping things along by creating prints of the painting and offering them to anyone who donates at least $100 to the Obama campaign. Registered Republicans get a discounted price of a $50 donation to the Democratic candidate's efforts.

The original painting has already sold to an unnamed man in France. "Even though he can't donate or vote in the election, he really wanted to help in some way," says Santora. "He bought the painting for $2300.00, the maximum donation amount, and we are donating the money to the campaign ourselves. However, "since this is a pretty big want, one painting wouldn't be enough," says Gignac. "We decided to do prints, to stress how important this is to us and hopefully get others involved as well."

"It's getting down to the wire and we want to make sure we've done everything we can to help," adds Santora. "If all of the prints sell we will raise over $10,000 for the Obama campaign."

The artists are releasing a limited run of 100 prints, about half of which have already been "sold." For more details on how you can secure your own President Obama print, check out the Wants for Sale site.

Also, feast your eyes on the original piece, which appeared last month alongside Gignac and Santora's other desires at our Hearts and Minds Artists Event:

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