Ogilvy, Miller Ready "Catfight" Sequels

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Miller Lite: Ladies' choice.
Although Ogilvy & Mather's "Catfight" ad for Miller Lite was widely criticized for going too far in exploiting sex for sales, it's difficult to argue with success. Accordingly, brewer and agency are set to release three new executions of the campaign, one starring Pamela Anderson as the third in a three-way pillow fight.

The new ads, directed by Tool of North America's Erich Joiner start where the first one left off, with two guys and two girls in a bar talking about beer advertising. In "Sensitive Guys," the women suggest an alternative to the "Catfight" scenario in which two shirtless hunks bond, rather than fight, over their views on Miller Lite. In "Cameo," one of the bar guys imagines a version of the original spot in which he gets to wrestle with the brunette. Like the original, that one's been shot with two different endings, one in which we see him getting spanked by his buxom opponent. Finally, "Pillow Fight" looks like it's headed toward a fight in the pool, until the guys reconsider and have the stars get into an unexpected pillow fight with Pamela Anderson. As in the original, the gal pals are not amused.

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