Orange's film backers are back

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Orange - 'Michael Madsen'
Orange - 'Michael Madsen'
Mother's latest cinema spectaculars for Orange take the actors out from in front of the film funding board and put them on set—but Orange's meddling financiers still manage to derail the production. The first, featuring tough guy Michael Madsen, has the look of a gritty thriller, with Madsen making demands in a phone booth. Mr. Dresden (Brennan Brown) knocks and reminds Madsen who's signing the checks while Steve Furst, playing his toady, extols the virtue of the Orange 3G video feature—all while cracking wise about Madsen's various roles. Soon, as Madsen predicts, his victims realize his identity and the police arrive. "Hopefully it'll surprise people. I don't think they'll see it coming. The old campaign was quite well trodden—people started to get used to where it was going," says Sam Walker, Mother creative. "Michael Madsen" was shot in Los Angeles, and Walker says director of photography Salvatore Totino was going for a "Michael Mann-esque look. We were really trying to get you into this moody, brooding killer, downtown L.A. look."

Three additional spots, each to debut month-by-month, feature Mena Suvari, Val Kilmer and Macaulay Culkin and were shot at Paramount and Universal Studios in sets replicating 15th century France, the Wild West and a prison. Hollywood glamour doesn't come cheap, though, and the spots cost around 1.2 million pounds. "It couldn't get any more Hollywood if we tried," says Walker. "[We used] the studio where they shot Citizen Kane; you could see the Hollywood sign when they opened the studio doors. I thought, 'Hell, it doesn't get any bigger than this.'"
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