Panasonic Oxyride campaign

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Panasonic and Japanese ad agency Hakuhodo, Tokyo, worked with the Tokyo Institute of Technology to develop a plane that ran on 160 AA-size Oxyride batteries. The one-seat plane weighed a carefully calibrated 119 pounds and was piloted by a student from the Tokyo Institute of Technology who weighed 117 pounds. The plane took off and flew 428 yards at an altitude of about 20 feet at Okegawa airport, north of Tokyo. The flight lasted 59 seconds, and went about 150 yards farther than the Wright brothers' manned flight in 1903 in the U.S., even though they used a gasoline engine.

The Oxyride project was broadcast in Japan as a live, documentary-style program and was streamed online at the same time it aired on TV, capturing the imaginations of Japanese consumers and boosting Oxyride's brand awareness by 30% to 85%.
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