Paradise, 360-Style

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Xbox 360 'Joy'
Xbox 360 'Joy'
Yesterday queues of gamers snaked around stores worldwide waiting to snag the newly released Xbox 360, which simultaneously debuted its latest spot on European airwaves. While earlier entries focused on the 360's communal experience, this spot from McCann Erickson and shot in China by MJZ's Rupert Sanders, shows one boy's immersive, multi-dimensional quest through his own Xbox world. Casually chatting on his cellphone, the boy stumbles upon a sword jutting from the sidewalk. He unsheathes it and uses its tip to switch on some car tunes, prompting an all-out battle with an armada of Ming Dynasty warriors, who abruptly flee and leave the young adventurer to a more daunting, gargantuan opponent. "Basically, we were looking at the 360 as sort of a gamer's paradise," explains CD/CW Scott Duchon. "That wouldn't be white doves and pretty music, and only a certain kind of person would go on this journey." Adds director Sanders, "It's kind of abstract and mirrors the idea of what Xbox is without being too literal."
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