Perfect, Pablum and Porcine at the AWNYs

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ESPN - Running Away
ESPN - Running Away
Advertising Women of New York held its ninth annual Good, Bad and Ugly awards Wednesday, praising agencies for positive portrayals of women while oinking at work it found exploitative.

Wieden + Kennedy was the big winner of the evening, nabbing two Grand Good awards, the Portland office for's body-centric print work and New York for the ESPN spot "Running Away." "I think Nike was indisputably the best," says Fernanda Romano, chief judge and new executive creative director at Lowe/New York. "Out of everything, [it] was a very clear Grand Good. We were so happy to see that work, it's so honest, such a well-done work of both art and copy."

Consigned to the sty were Carl's Jr.'s "Paris Hilton" spot from Mendelsohn Zien and Mother' New York's pinup work for Milwaukee's Best, both earning Grand Ugly awards. Following the lead of Lowe-created interactive site, AWNY used humor to convey its message, featuring Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus author John Gray and poking fun at co-sponsor Maxim. AWNY's aim? "Don't sound like a bible, or a book, or a minority, or a group of crazy feminists, and then Pigs Anonymous was born," Romano says. "It was an idea coming from both men and women." Though several big agency names turned down the chance to be part of the project, some embraced it. "Jeff Kling was unbelievably funny," Romano says. "He was making up his own lines; it was actually difficult because we were laughing so much we were making noise in the background." Special consideration went to Proctor & Gamble, who received the "They Get It" award and three ad students from VCU Ad Center who were awarded the "Hope for the Future" award for their blog,
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