Philips "Sense and Simplicity"

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Two years ago, Dutch Electronics manufacturer Philips took on a new brand positioning: "Sense and Simplicity," the goal of which has been basically to make life simpler and easier for consumers. The marketer has tried to make the theme alive not only in the development of products and in its in-house practices, but in its advertising and marketing as well, attempting to make life easier for consumers by stripping away the ad clutter from a variety of media outlets over the course of the last year:

The company struck a $2 million deal with Hearst to remove subscription cards from the September issue of four of the publisher's magazine titles, in their place running a two page ad. It also paid $5 million to Time Inc. to remove all ad space between the cover of four of the publisher's titles and the tables of contents, enabling readers to get to content faster.

In 2005, Philips had purchased all media time of an episode of CBS' 60 minutes and only used half of the commercial time, allowing viewers longer periods of uninterrupted news programming. The marketer did the same in December of last year for the NBC Nightly News, using only one minute and 15 seconds of ad time, compared to the typical 7 minutes.

Also on various dates from September to December of last year, Philips allowed non-subscriber visitors to and free access to premium content.

As part of this effort, Philips also was prepared to buy out the pre-movie ad slots in movie theaters, but the idea didn't fly because distributors of cinema ad time weren't amenable to the idea.
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