Polaroid Brands Laughter

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A guy cracks up.
Lots of commercials go for laughs, but Polaroid is getting serious about it. The company's latest campaign -- "Instant Laughter" -- focuses on people laughing as they pass around snapshots taken with Polaroid cameras, stressing what seems to be the product's only remaining advantage over digital photography. Not only can you take Polaroids instantly, but they're easier to share -- as anyone who's ever passed a digital camera around a party, or looked at captured photos in a viewfinder, can attest.

Six new spots from Euro RSCG MVBMS Partners and Rogue Films' director Nick Jones feature nothing but laughter as people share photographs with one another. In one spot, we see a man alone at a table, laughing hysterically. Only as his friend crawls back into his seat from under the table do we realize that he hasn't been laughing alone. In another, a young man seems to be crying at first, until his face cracks into a mad cackle. Polaroid has also launched a section devoted to laughter on its website.

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