Publicis Keeps it Brief for the Manhattan Short Film Festival

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MSFF "The Search"
Breaking next week, Publicis/N.Y.'s campaign for the Manhattan Short Film Festival "is comprised of films that are inherently short, with story lines that had absolutely nowhere to go," according to writer and art director Jason Levine. "As far as execution goes, the idea was to make every one of the ads look and feel like a short film, and therefore to incorporate as many of its genres--animation, film noir, documentary-- as possible." As such, the films, which will air on IFC and appear in cinemas and online, include a diverse roster of directors--including recent NYU film school grad Andrew Zoppa-- who gave their time to the cause of the short film. Highlights include "Searching for Starbucks," "Grandma's Surprise Party" and "The Calf That Would Be Veal." (MS)
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