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Mike Byrne
Mike Byrne
Mike Byrne, longtime creative director on Nike at Wieden + Kennedy/Portland, announced his move to Anomaly in New York on Friday. Here are his thoughts on his new gig as creative chief, which he'll start in May.

It's a big move for you - how do you feel?

Byrne: Yeah, pretty massive. I think, things like this, you leave your comfort zone a little bit, you know, I'm putting my balls on the chopping block, pretty much.

Well, you're going to be running a lot at Anomaly.

Byrne: I kind of feel like I do that here, but it's more just on Nike. Obviously there it's the whole shebang, and there's no creative department yet, so I get to build that

This was a high profile vacancy. Did you hear rumblings about people that were getting asked about it?

Byrne: I heard a couple little things, I knew a couple of guys who were talking to Anomaly about it. But I don't think I fully realized how great the place was until I actually, physically was in there, so it didn't really bother me. I mean, you hear about jobs all the time...I wasn't going to leave this job for just another advertising job. I wasn't going to go to a big agency. This is a perfect thing for me. The pedigree of the guys there, and their vision, and energy and the vibe, of the place, I always tell people, Wieden + Kennedy is just a building, it's the people that make Wieden + Kennedy. It's always obviously the people, it's clich
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