Reebok's "Run Easy" Goes Viral

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Is faster really better? It's a question that can be applied to many things. The latest addition to Reebok's "Run Easy" campaign takes us online to examine the answer as it pertains to recreational running. Mcgarrybowen and director Phil Traill introduce us to Gary Tortoise and Allen Hare, who take their debate to a desk in the middle of a grassy field. The tone and image of these stuffed animal puppets is a complimentary contrast to the outdoor work that has featured, among others, the image of a puking marathoner to spread the word that running harder isn't necessarily better. Gary Tortoise is well-equipped with answers to the buck-toothed Hare's assertions of speed: Name one thing where faster isn't better? "Making love." Gary, when not day-dreaming of setting Hare's head on fire, also points out that a slower, steadier running pace burns more calories. This series of viral videos has been distributed to video-share sites like YouTube,, and others.
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