Remington's Hair-Raising Runway

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Remington "Fashion Show"
Hair today, not necessarily gone tomorrow. Just ask Stefane Monzon's female models, who were asked to grow their pubic hair to ridiculous lengths to be shaped, colored and styled for the designer's recent fashion show.

Outrageous? Yes. Real? Not a chance. As it turns out, the three-minute video documenting the behind-the-scenes action at the public pubic showcase is actually the latest viral effort from The Viral Factory, commissioned by Grey Worldwide as an off-the-catwalk way of showcasing Remington's haircare products. "It actually began with a doodle that one of our creatives drew," says The Viral Factory director of special ops Henry Cowling. "Remington had already bought into a very similar idea that Grey had presented, so the hard work was done. Our input was to change the setting to a pubic fashion show. It seemed to us that the fashion industry perfectly encapsulates the concept of 'it's on the outside that counts,' and it's ripe for parody. Plus it gave us the opportunity to conjure up some great visuals. After this direction was decided on, the 'mockumentary' film style was the natural choice—staging the whole event for real seemed like the perfect outlet."

To insure authenticity, the viral video specialists staged the fictional Monzon's fake fashion show—complete with real models sporting eye-popping (and truly hair-raising) designs—before an unwitting audience that actually believed it was watching a legitimate production. "Of course, we had to brief the crew not to let on, but we went one step further with the cast: everybody was in character for the entire day of the shoot, even when the cameras weren't rolling," reveals Cowling. "In fact, it was only when we took 'Stefane' out for a drink afterwards that we finally got to meet the real him!"

So were any real fashion designers consulted (or harmed) in the creation of this hairy viral? "No, actually," says Cowling. "The designs are mostly based on classical Greek themes with an ironic twist, from Icarus to the Hydra and the Golden Fleece. See if you can spot them all!"
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