Rogue Creative Resurrects MTV Commercials

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Five months after MTV decided to shutter its commercials division, the division has risen again as Rogue Creative. Founded by MTV vets Nick Litwinko and Peter Reichert, the shop hopes to continue MTV's abandoned mission of producing spot projects for its stable of animators. Among the projects produced by MTV Commercials in its three-and-a-half year existence were Nike spots for Wieden + Kennedy/Amsterdam, directed by Celebrity Deathmatch creator Eric Fogel, and work for Cotton, Inc. and Ogilvy by Olivia Ward, chief designer on the animated series Daria.

Currently, Rogue is putting the finishing touches on new studio space on the seventh floor of radio house McHale Barone's New York production facility at 30 Irving Place. The shop is already at work on a new installment of Arnold McGrath's animated campaign for Oxy, which was previously handled by MTV Commercials. Additionally, Rogue is teaming with Nickelodeon's animation division, Nick Digital, to launch Nick Digital Commercials, which -- like MTV Commercials -- will make Nickelodeon talent available for spot work. According to Litwinko, former executive producer at MTV Commercials, Rogue would also like to expand into episodic and feature projects. "Now that we're not with MTV, we'll be able to become a lot more multi-tiered," he says. "Going beyond commercials is eventually what we would like to do. We'd like to do the things we couldn't do at MTV." In addition to offices in New York and Los Angeles, Reichert, who served as supervising producer of development at MTV Animation, will focus on new content development out of Rogue's Seattle office.

"I know it's a strange environment," Litwinko says of the current spot economy. "But the reel's strong and once the work gets out there I think people will come work here."

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